11th General Meeting
of the International Proteolysis Society
´Interfaces in Proteolysis´

29 Sep - 4 Oct 2019, Czech Republic

Mariánské Lázně

Training workshops 28-29 Sep 2019, Praha

About the meeting

Proteolysis is a posttranslational modification that impacts  virtually every aspect of cellular and organismal physiology. Proteases play key roles in homeostatic protein degradation and protein quality control, regulated cell death, intercellular or intracellular signaling events, microbial and viral replication, host-pathogen interactions, immunity and many other processes. Not surprisingly, many diseases have a targetable proteolytic component, and proteases and their inhibitors are major subjects of drug discovery and development.

To look at biology through the prism of proteolysis we invite you to the 11th General Meeting of the International Proteolysis Society (IPS), which will be held in the scenic town of Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), Czech Republic, between September 29th and October 4th, 2019. The motto of the meeting is ‘Interfaces in proteolysis’, which denotes our aim to assemble an exciting programme that will explore the roles of proteolysis across biology at the interfaces between health and disease, aqueous and lipidic, ordered and disordered, academic and industrial, or even between the enzymatic and non-enzymatic. On a social level, we believe in the power of direct human interaction and the creative potential of the interfaces between generations, cultures, and scientists both established and aspiring. Conveniently, the venue of Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) resonates at the interfaces between old and new, Austro-Hungarian nostalgy and the present-time EU membership, German and Czech heritage, aristocratic fin de siècle spa and modern five star hotels.

We hope that you will enjoy the meeting and will leave inspired. Come and enjoy exploring interfaces!


The meeting programme will explore these themes:

  • Proteases in protein quality control and homeostasis
  • Proteases in programmed cell death
  • Proteases in cancer related processes
  • Proteases in immunity
  • Proteases in parasite biology
  • Membrane-associated proteolysis
  • Intramembrane proteases
  • Pseudoproteases
  • Protease inhibition as a regulatory and therapeutic mechanism
  • Technological platforms and tools
  • Emerging topics


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Kvido Stříšovský


Jan Konvalinka

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Workshops 28 – 29 Sep 2019
Meeting 29 Sep – 4 Oct 2019


20 September 2019


31 August 2019


31 August 2019


22 August 2019





8th International Symposium on Kallikreins and Kallikrein-Related Peptidases

Prague, 25. - 27. 9.2019



Opening Keynote Lecture

Matthew Freeman

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Closing Keynote Lecture

Seamus Martin

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

IPS Honorary Lifetime Membership Award winner 2019

Judith Clements

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Marius Lemberg

University of Heidelberg, Germany

Colin Adrain

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Lisbon, Portugal

Sonya Neal

University of California, San Diego, USA

Alessio Ciulli

University of Dundee, United Kingdom

Marie Kveiborg

University of Copenhagen, Dennmark

Stefan Lichtenthaler

Technical University Munich, Germany

Lucia Chavez Gutierrez

Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB), Belgium

Matt Bogyo

Stanford University, USA

James McKerrow

University of California, San Diego, USA


Ingrid Wertz

Genentech, USA

Chris Overall

University of British Columbia, Canada

Irit Sagi

Weizmann Institute, Israel


Jan Potempa

University of Louisville, USA


Michael Groll

Technical University Munich, Germany

Mike Blackman

Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom

Edgar Deu

Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom

Charles Craik

University of California, San Francisco, USA


Yifat Merbl

Weizmann Institute, Israel

Nabil Seidah

IRCM, Canada

Bob Lazarus

Genentech, USA

Edward Tate

Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Rama Khokha

 University of Toronto, Canada



Workshops 28 – 29 Sep 2019
Meeting 29 Sep– 4 Oct 2019


31 August 2019


31 August 2019


31 August 2019


22 August 2019


31 August 2019

 Registration fee early bird

(after the deadline for registration all the fees will be increased by 50 EUR)


 IPS member  non-member
 Trainee *  EUR 430  EUR 520
 Academic  EUR 550  EUR 710
 Industry  EUR 800  EUR 800
 Accompanying person  EUR 180  EUR 180


* Trainees are defined here as predoctoral students in fields relating to proteolysis or those who have received their doctoral degrees in those fields within the preceding three years, in accordance with IPS membership eligibility criteria (https://www.protease.org/membership.html ).

Registration includes:

  • All congress materials
  • Access to all sessions
  • Welcome reception
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunches

Selection criteria

Acceptance of applicants for attending the meeting as well as the decision of whether an abstract is accepted for a poster or short talk will be based on scientific merit only. Preference will be given to applicants submitting abstracts with unpublished work.

Abstract guidelines

Abstracts have to be prepared according to instructions summarised in the abstract template.

Poster specifications

Posters must be A0 format (841mm width x 1189mm height) or smaller.

Talk instructions

Plenary lectures and Lifetime lectures are scheduled for 45 min including question time, invited talks for 30 min, and short talks selected from abstracts for 15 min including question time. Please feel encouraged to bring a poster even if you have been selected for a talk. It will help further discussion with speakers after their talks.
We strongly prefer that you upload you presentation to our presentation computer (PC running MS Powerpoint equipped with a green laser pointer/slide advancer) in advance. However, if you need to run your presentation from your own laptop it is of course possible, but make sure it has a compatible video connector (ideally HDMI or VGA), or bring your own adaptor to one of these interfaces. In any case, please see the session chair and AV technician before your session to upload your presentation or test your computer, and ensure that your presentation displays fine.

Travel awards

Travel awards will be available from the International Proteolysis Society (IPS) on a competitive basis (mainly by abstract quality) for  IPS members in training only.   Travel awards will amount to somewhere around USD300-750 depending on travel distance and total number of travel award applications. Interested candidates can apply for the travel award during registration in the online form. Do not forget to submit an abstract.


Chairing instructions



Please do not hesitate to contact us after you have exhausted all self-help options:

Kvido lab 2 mensi vyrez

Kvido Stříšovský

for scientific matters


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Zuzana Boháčová

for organizational matters


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